Lara’s Magical Timepiece

My friend Lara recently told me she is getting an old-school, pocket watch.  Lara has a long history of having magical items of which I am deeply jealous of. My favorite was a giant white, rainbow jeweled medallion that caused quite a stir where ever she went. For instance, a crazy ( or possibly a witch from another dimension that knew the power of Lara’s medallion…we may never know) woman tried to rip it from Lara’s neck and demanded that Lara give it to her. We promptly ran away but were left with the feeling that possibly the medallion was something more than a necklace. I am not sure what happened to the medallion but I hope Lara still has it tucked away somewhere safe just in case all those incidents were foreshadowing some event in the future.

Anyhow when Lara mentioned her pocket watch, I realized that it too will probably be magical. I hope it will be some sort of time machine that will allow her to take me around time like theses guys and make her an awesome historian/lawyer. 

(Lara-I totally get to be Ted) 


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One response to “Lara’s Magical Timepiece

  1. Lara

    I love you and this blog.
    Okay the true history of the medallion…..
    I wore it day and night (even in the shower!) senior year of high school, freshman year of college, all the way until sophomore year when the chain got broken during a game of cone ball on the beach in Northern Michigan (don’t ask). After that I couldn’t wear it and let’s be real…it was probably meant to break at that time because my vanity/fashion sense were becoming too developed. Anyway, even on a shortened chain the magical properties were still intact and it granted me more wishes including a new bf. I kept it until I left for Senegal at which point I somehow knew instinctively that its magic was gone…for me at least. I entrusted it into the hands of a friend who I believe needed it more than I did. I haven’t seen it since but I believe it’s somewhere still being magical…

    PS I’m so Bill!
    PPS I think I will wear the pocket watch as a necklace…medallion style

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