the end of the work week

Today is Thursday and it was a gorgeous day in Vera. It felt like a summer day in Santa Cruz and its only January! I have had a gloomy week so I was so happy to have a beautiful day. I got home and changed into short-shorts immediately. Then I went to my fridge opened a beer, lit a cigg, grabbed my book and went to read in my mini-mini-balcony. It was amazing. My batteries feel re-fueled. I am alive and young.

The sunny day made me realize that we all need to put the poetry into our own lives. So many times we are all screaming over each other and living our life without noticing it. Today after the sun I spent a good thirty minutes living ‘in’ the moment. It was amazing. I became conscious about the heat exuding from my body and the sweat forming on my brow. When Karl came home I really took him in as a human and realized how much I love him. I smelled him, noted his pale arms, compared them to my brown arms, contemplated the cute gap between his teeth and then stared into his serpentine eyes. No, no,no this is not going to start into a sex scene. It was so much more pure and better than that. It was like a poem in action, like a drug dream without the drugs, like sitting in meadow or a beach but in your own home. Quiet. Sweet. I think everyone should spend a little moment of their lives with eyes-wide-open. Just view a second of your life with complete honesty. Anything at all… even eating a sandwich at your kitchen table. I promise you it will be a poem or even maybe a serenade.


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  1. minustheu

    te quiero amiga, i feel you

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